Campline Horses

Diamante negro Campline

Name: Diamante Negro Campline
Year: 2007

Diamante Negro – his name is perfect for this horse as he is, indeed, a black pearl! Imported from Brazil, Diamante Negro is a horse with incredible genetics! Son of Imaculada and Tulum by Famoso, we can’t avoid emphasizing that the outstanding matriarch of the Lusitano breed – the super mare Cenoura – is present in his bloodline. She is the mother of renowned horses such as Solar dos Pinhais, Peralta and Xaman dos Pinhais.

Approved as a licensed breeding stallion with 76 points, Diamante Negro is an impressive 1,66m horse with shinny black coat, strong body structure and excellent gaits. He always presents himself in an uphill and balanced manner with tons of power. 

He has been considered to be an outstanding father, bringing out the best on his progeny and improving their natural characteristics: in fact, he emphasizes the best on his offspring. His excellent genetics provide his descendants with expressive and powerful gaits, solid body structure and a beautiful profile, very faithful to the breed’s standards. To top it, he proves to have an outstanding character that he passes on to his descendants. Amongst Diamante Negro’s progeny we can find countless golden medals and champion titles in several categories, such as Jiu-Jitsu IGS, Lua HM and Jubart IGS.